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Everything Bleeds The Color Of Red Roses.🌹

It all began on a beautiful, warm summer, predicting rain showers in mid afternoon. When as usual, doing my daily (secured) chores of getting our 2 beautiful daughters to and back from school/college. Building their foundations.

My wonderful husband who is also a great provider, loving but a firm father. He has been on his own since he was 16. I met him when we were 22. Love at first site. Got married less than 1 year later.

Everyone said… “You’ll never make it past 5 years”

Here we are 24 years and still married.

Happily? Yes. (Go figured) ya gotta ‘weather the storm together’

Heard a knock on the door when my oldest answered the door. I can’t express the expression I saw on our daughters faces when they pointed to me to the back door. Faces is what I’ll never could erase from my fragil mind. (Im deaf).

A police officer began to explain that my husband was a tragic accident and that i should go to the hospital, immediately.

My mind was BLANK

Daughter was driving us there. As we hurried to find his place, we were so scared of what we were going to see or hear.

Laying in his ICU bed, tubes everywhere. There wasn’t much to see of my husband because either he was covered all over with tubes and machines and blankets over his body so we didn’t see what really happened. Drs and nurses on standby. I have never felt so alone. And scared. For him.. For my daughters and for myself.

I remembered crying and ready to slip away and faint. When my daughter said ” Mom, stop crying or you won’t be able to handle this..because we need you!” ( to be strong ).

I’ve never had to worry about our finances or work. My husband worked everyday to provide for his family. If I or (you) didnt know the true meaning of LOVE.. Shame.

That was a ‘rude awakening’ for me. Everything got ‘dumped’ on my lap. All in an instant. Only because of on unfortunate accident.

He was coming home from work. It started to rain. He was tired. Kept on going. Driving. Next thing you know.. Truck and car made headlines. We may never know what ‘really’ happened that time. Witnesses says it was scary and tragic to witness the accident. Head on at 45 mph in the rain.

Truck driver suffered fractured shoulder. While my husband is in ICU. He suffered a blunt force in his head with bleeding in his right lobe of his brain, left hip was out of joint.. Broken breast bone ( which i found out later that his engine had rested on his chest at the time of accident) fractured neck. And in coma.

Being deaf, i had to rely on my daughters for information on his ‘ prognosis ‘.

Clueless on how to handle ‘ finances ‘, the right questions to ask, and how to come up with money for what’s to become of us. And more importantly.. How to overcome the overwhelming situations.

He woke up 8 days later… And two different hospitals for 2 1/2 months. This happened june 8th 2018. 2 days ago when his best friend passed away, 1 week into our baby girl’s graduation from high school. After that it was a ‘blur’.. And that’s when my life felt like

“Everything Bleeds The Color Of Red Roses”

My name is Amy.

We were given a ‘second chance’ at life.

We are bonding a tight union.

My husband is diagnosed TBI (head trauma injury)

Without struggles, there is no progress.

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